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Dallas Buyers Club: PreWatch Thoughts & PostView Review, 4.15.19:

Justice League: PreWatch Thoughts & PostView Review, 4.1.19:

Eureka: TV Tuesday, 3.19.19:

Logan Lucky: PreWatch Thoughts & PostView Review, 3.18.19:

Cloak and Dagger: First Blush, 3.8.19:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: PreWatch Thoughts & PostView Review, 3.4.19:

47 Meters Down: PostView Review, 2.25.19:

47 Meters Down: PreWatch Thoughts, 2.18.19:

Black Panther: PostView Review, 2.11.19:

Black Panther: PreWatch Thoughts, 2.4.19:

Showgirls: PostView Review, 1.28.19:

Showgirls: PreWatch Thoughts, 1.21.19:

Jurassic World: PostView Review, 1.14.19:

Disney Stupidity Strikes Again!, 1.12.19:

Jurassic World: PreWatch Thoughts, 1.7.19:

Copyright Nightmares and Plagiarism Heists: How the Law Is On Your Side and Corporations Don’t Care, 1.5.19:

Colossal: PostView Review, 12.31.18:

Colossal: PreWatch Thoughts, 12.24.18:

Childish Things, Not Just for Children, 12.22.18:

The Purge Election Year: PostView Review, 12.17.18:

The Snap: An Extinction Level Event in the MCU, 12.15.18:

The Purge Election Year: PreWatch Thoughts, 12.10.18:

Mother’s Day: PostView Review, 12.3.18:

American Horror Story Roanoke: First Blush, 11.30.18:

Mother’s Day: PreWatch Thoughts, 11.26.18:

How I Met Your Mother: TV Tuesday, 11.20.18:

Power Rangers: PostView Review, 11.19.18:

Power Rangers: PreWatch Thoughts, 11.12.18:

Gerald’s Game: PostView Review, 11.5.18:

Gerald’s Game: PreWatch Thoughts, 10.29.18:

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi: PostView Review, 10.22.18:

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi: PreWatch Thoughts, 10.15.18:

Sing: PostView Review, 10.8.18:

Sing: PreWatch Thoughts, 10.1.18:

Alien: Covenant: PostView Review, 9.24.18:

Alien: Covenant: PreWatch Thoughts, 9.17.18:

Revolutionary Road: PostView Review, 9.10.18:

Revolutionary Road: PreWatch Thoughts, 9.3.18:

Pacific Rim: PostView Review, 8.27.18:

Pacific Rim: PreWatch Thoughts, 8.20.18:

Reba (Spoilers): TV Tuesday, 8.14.18:

The Finest Hours: PostView Review, 8.13.18:

The Finest Hours: PreWatch Thoughts, 8.6.18:

Thor: Ragnarok: PostView Review, 7.30.18:

Thor: Ragnarok: PreWatch Thoughts, 7.23.18:

Body of Lies: PostView Review, 7.16.18:

Body of Lies: PreWatch Thoughts, 7.9.18:

Hacksaw Ridge: PostView Review, 7.2.18:

3rd Rock from the Sun: TV Tuesday, 6.26.18:

Hacksaw Ridge: PreWatch Thoughts, 6.25.18:

Alien3: PostView Review, 6.18.18:

Alien3: PreWatch Thoughts, 6.11.18:

The LEGO Movie: PostView Review, 6.4.18:

The LEGO Movie: PreWatch Thoughts, 5.28.18:

It: PostView Review, 5.21.18:

It: PreWatch Thoughts, 5.14.18:

Arrival: PostView Review, 5.7.18:

Ethnocentricity and Gender Violence: Where Sense8 Failed, 5.3.18:

Arrival: PreWatch Thoughts, originally 4.30.18, repub 5.14.18:

Wanted: PostView Review, 4.23.18:

Wanted: PreWatch Thoughts, 4.16.18:

Wonder Woman: PostView Review, 4.9.18:

Wonder Woman: PreWatch Thoughts, 4.2.18:

A Sensation in Horror: The Saw Movies and the MDQ, 2.12.18:

Do You Need Money or Something, Disney?: Reboot, Remakes, and Sequels, 2.1.18:

Couple Fights: Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald vs Leonard and Virginia Woolf (and Jim and Aurora from Passengers a bit), 10.9.17:

Doctor Strange: A Comparative Review, 4.29.17:

Star Wars: Why I Don’t Like It, 4.4.17:

Premature, Mature, and Postmature Cancellations: TV Show Endings (All in Running Metaphors), 8.29.15:

Subtext: Some Have It, Others Don’t, 3.26.15:

Adaptations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 10.15.14:

Badly Written Women: The Bitches of Hollywood, 6.22.14:

The End: The Make or Break Point of a Story, 3.16.14:

I Care About Your Work Not at All: When Characters Are Not Interesting, 3.19.13:


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