My Website has been Published! The Importance of Self Promotion

01 Feb

Visit to see Alex Miceli’s new website, and sign her guestbook!

Say you’re a shy person, but you’re also in a creative field. No matter how shy you are, it is important to put yourself out there. The internet can help with this. You can: create a professional Facebook page, create a free blog (like this one), and buy a website domain. If you are in a creative field, you should hurry up on that last one because sometimes your name will already be taken, such as mine was. Due to this problem, it is important to try to come up with a domain name that is unique and relates to you in some fashion. I chose because I write in all three genres consistently. I came up with it months ago when trying to fill the “Company Name” field in the business cards I was designing for myself.

Creating a website was cheap and easy. It was less than twenty dollars to buy the domain name and website builder, and I did this yesterday. Today, my website is up and running for the world to see. I suggest anyone in the creative arts start one up. It is a cheap way to get your name and work out there, and it looks professional as well. Business cards with your website listed on them are also a good idea.

The idea of promotion, to me, is founded on the philosophy that The answer to the unasked question is always no. So if you want people to be aware of you as an artist you need to put yourself out there as much as possible. Not promoting yourself is the unasked question.


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